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Yazbeck Carbone Thermoflex Gloves 1.5mm

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These outstanding Yazbeck Carbone Thermo-Flex Neoprene Diving Gloves were designed and manufactured by Roger Yazbeck, using the best combination of prime materials!They are ideal for hunting in every water condition around the world, especially warmer water! 1.5mm of Yamamoto High Density Freediving Grade 100% CR #39 Neoprene100% “Green” ChloropreneCarbone Camo Impermeaflex laminationHoloblend Series Camo sublimation dyeNanopreneShield™ Titanium Silver lining100% waterproofPalm: Ultra-supple Nylon screened with our Polyurethane InkDots™All seams are double coated with liquid polyurethaneFor use in waters above 50°F (10°C)