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Teak Sea Azimuth Speargun

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THE MUST HAVE FOR BIG GAMEAzimuth is the speargun for the large Mediterranean game (grouper, amberjack and snapper) or tropical game (cubera, jacks, pelagics). Equipped with 3 16mm rubber bands, it is both easy to load and very powerful providing compared to Pal of similar length 1m extra shooting range, critical for large or deep fishes.The massive barrel minimizing recoil and improving accuracy is optimized for a 7,2mm spear, selected with one or two floppers or threaded for the use of a slip tip. All Azimuth are equipped with a breakaway kit. It is also possible to use an 8mm spear for occasional use on big fish at close distance.Azimuth is the reference for deep Mediterranean spearos or agachon and open water exclusive adepts, allowing surprising shots on remote or fleeing fish, but is also ideal for hunting in the tropics, on the reef or in the blue where its range, accuracy and global manoeuvrability will allow taking advantage of most opportunities, from jobfish to sailfish…


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