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Rob Allen Open Muzzle

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A clear line of sight on Rob Allen open muzzles makes aiming much easier and far more accurate. This muzzle is significantly smaller in profile than conventional muzzles which makes it easier to maneuver as the drag has been dramatically reduced. Divers are able to view and track fast moving fish with ease. Spears are securely held in the open muzzle by the line, even when mono nylon is used. Spear line can be led left or right over the open muzzle ensuring comfort for both left and right handed divers. Spears are much easier and quicker to load than conventional muzzles as they do not have to be threaded through an eye on the muzzle. The addition of the D shackle ensures that should a reel need to be fitted; the muzzle does not need to be customized in any way. The entire muzzle is constructed from 30% glass reinforced nylon with an internal spigot and outer skirt for additional strength. The skirt also reduces stress concentration when fitted to carbon barrels.