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Riffe Spectra Fusion Floatline

RIFFE’s new improved Armored Spectra Float Line features an inner float core of 6.35 mm closed cell neoprene for exceptional floatation and easy grip when under tension. The outer sheath is composed of 32 strands of armored spectra with a breaking strength in excess of 1100 pounds. The fibers of each strand are fused together and coated with molten polyethylene for an extremely abrasion resistant and color-fast UV resistant protective sheath.

The new shock absorbing construction allows the line to stretch approximately 10% before locking in place, preventing the line from ripping out when sudden pressure is applied. Once pressure is release, the line resumes it’s original length in a controlled manner, without snapping back.

Available lengths: 25 ft, 50 ft, 75 ft, 100 ft


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