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The spool has a diameter of 69mm and can hold up to 60mt. of 1.5mm dia. line 

The brake system is “self-locking”: once positioned in the closed position, it opens automatically avoiding intervention in a possible moment of difficulty 

Features anti-wig stainless steel cylinders 

The winding direction of the line is indicated on the reel support 

The connecting rods between the main body and the spool are made in stainless steel 

The spool and the moving parts are made in POM thermoplastic material to obtain toughness and maximum fluidity during operation 

The winding arm is made in stainless steel with a thickness of 3mm 

The knob has an ergonomic butterfly shape that allows an easy grip 

The break system of the reel is fast and has an easy to adjust stop O-Ring and strong hold in closing