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BleuTec Simple Carbon Open Speargun

The key features of the Bleutec Simple Carbon speargun include:

Body made of 100% Carbon fiber with 30mm diameter for perfect movement in horizontal and vertical axis in combination with increased stiffness.

Trigger Mechanism Bleutec Lycan (housing stainless steel 316 aisi, trigger & sear made of stainless steel 304 aisi).

Full railed body.

Mechanical line release system with automatic retraction.

Equipped with anatomically shaped handle and right handed shooting type grip.

Supplied with a pair of bands 16mm Black Power, shaft Bleutec 6.25 mm Diamond (faceted cross-section) made from heat treated steel.

Recommended setups:

A pair of bands 17.5mm Black Power, shaft Bleutec 6.5 mm Diamond  (faceted cross-section) made from heat treated steel.

A pair of bands 19mm Speed, shaft Bleu tec 6.5 mm Diamond (faceted cross-section) made from heat treated steel.

It is possible to change or adjust the setup of the weapon upon request.

The carbon fiber - glass fiber products of BleuTec are manufactured to order.The gun length refers to the distance between the trigger guard and the muzzle. The weapon is accompanied by a 5 year warranty on the body of the weapon and lifetime for the trigger mechanism. Warranty is voided if gun is altered or trigger removed.