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Alchemy Freediving Neck Weight

*Neck Weights are custom made, so please expect an extra week for your order to ship*

Featuring a stunning design with an uncompromising, fluid fit, the Alchemy Silicone Neck Weight promises the optimal freediving experience. New version features a laser engraved logo.

Description: The Alchemy silicone freediving neck weight is designed to help you dive deeper, faster, and safer. Simply push on its sides, and watch it form with incredible precision around your neck. So adjustable, it practically disappears. Conceived to take advantage of next-level performance, its unreal hydrodynamics will enable you to glide seamlessly through the water, providing superior stability for all freediving disciplines. Whether at the pool or at sea, it pushes what’s possible, bringing a new level of efficiency, simplicity, and convenience. When it comes to freediving gear, the less is the best.

Features: Featuring Alchemy's Responsive Memory Architecture, it provides mind-blowing comfort while it becomes an organic extension of your body that grips in place and follows your every move.

Materials: Utilizing aerospace-grade silicone and encapsulated lead, it is clearly tougher than any other neck weight of its class. The superiority of silicone, compared to common rubber, ensures stability, durability, and ease of use, while its sleek, innovative design guarantees that you’ll always stand out from the crowd.

Why Use a Neck Weight: Traditionally, freedivers and spearos wear a belt with weight around their waist to set their buoyancy as needed. However, when we freedive, we want to place the weights in the most efficient position on our body. Compared to the use of a weight belt, a neck weight has significant advantages. Why? The weight is below our lungs during the descent, pulling us down, and resulting in an effortless dive, especially while freefalling.

Mouthfill: As the shape of the neck weight can be formed according to one’s needs, it will rest lightly on one’s jaw, without disturbing the mouthfill.

Determining the right size: To determine the appropriate size for you, measure the circumference of your neck and choose the size that corresponds most closely to your measurement. If you plan to wear a wetsuit while diving, be sure to wear it when taking your measurements.


Available Lengths: 40, 45, 50 cm

Available Buoyancy: 3 types per length

Negative Buoyancy: From 0.93kg to 1.55kg

Colors: Black / White

Material: Silicone Encapsulated Lead

Silicone Tensile Strength: 10 N/mm2

Silicone Density: 1.12 g/cm3

Logo: Engraved

Made in Greece (EU)



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