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Riffe COVI-TEK Camo Wetsuit - 3.5mm

RIFFE Covi-Tek Camo wetsuits are a blend of Browns, Orange, Black and Purple colors in a digital image of kelp. Constructed with Yamamoto 39 neoprene and our newly improved super stretch outer material, offering the diver a more flexible feel and better comfort when swimming through the water. The neck, face, wrist and ankle seals are completely camo.

Available in a wide variety of sizes starting at S up to 3XL.

3.5mm 2-pc wetsuits: Yamamoto Neoprene (Grade 39) – Open Cell

Face, wrist and ankle seals to prevent water entry

Wrist and Ankle seals – non binding for more flexibility

Built-in Chest and Knee Pads

Vented hoods to help release excess air5mm Farmer John (non-titanium coated) – open cell